eureka! Positive Affirmations

Eureka! Positive Affirmations

As of March 2020, now available for iOS. Android coming soon!

An easy way to practice daily affirmations.

What Is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive phrase or statement used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts

They typically start with an “I” or “I am” statement.  Some examples someone working with anger issues may work with such statements as:

  • I choose to release my anger
  • I am free of anger
  • I choose to transform my anger into positive action

Positive Affirmations Apps

Eureka! Positive Affirmations uses simplicity, customization and beauty to play pre-made and custom affirmations.

Sample affirmations will be easy to queue, but creating your own will be simple as well. Adding, editing, and customizing playback will be easy and seamless, with no audio recording. 

The design, flow, and branding will be a joy to use.  Using the app will be intuitive, with no learning curve. It will be developed with Google Flutter and produced as both an iPhone and Android app.

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