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When I was deep into the SEO world, the script from a client usually went like this:

“OK! The website is almost done. What can we do for SEO?”

When the project owner thinks about marketing before the project is in the final stages, it can make life easier for everyone — and obtain better results quicker. A keyword-friendly web address, SEO friendly directory structures, site speed, and content strategy can all be planned before one <tag> is written.

It is the same with ASO and mobile app development.

Naming a Mobile App for ASO

The app name plays a big role in the app store rankings. If you can squeeze in the top keyword in the app name, you stand a better chance to rank for that keyword.

When I was planning my current app, Eureka! Positive Affirmations, you may notice something pretty obvious; I wanted to include the words positive affirmations. Above all, I know I want to rank for those keywords. If I can position myself near the top of search results, I know that I can bring in some organic goodness.

It’s possible to take this too far. Browsing the app store for meditation, I found one app just branded themselves as “Meditation App”.  Ok ok ok.  They nailed the keyword, but they didn’t make much of an effort to create and protect a brand.  It would be very difficult to recommend the app via word-of-mouth.

‘Meditation App’. No name, but ranked #5

It helps to create a mini-brand. When I was deciding on a name for this app, here is my list:

  • Positive Affirmations – Too literal
  • Perfect Affirmations – Nothing is perfect
  • Good Affirmations – Good = OK
  • Clear Affirmations – Maybe
  • Shining Affirmations – I like it!  But there’s already ‘Shine’ for meditation
  • Radiant Affirmations
  • Luminous Affirmations
  • Vivid Affirmations
  • Eureka! Positive Affirmations

I chose the last one.  It denotes a breakthrough or revelation. Wikipedia describes it as ‘an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention’.  Lovely.

Branding a Mobile App for ASO

App stores are very visual. When searching, the first item you will see is the app icon — followed by reviews, screenshots, and perhaps a video. Having an attractive brand could be the difference between your app getting the ‘Install’ tap of approval, or a thumb flick upwards to view competitor.

For Eureka!, I worked with a designer to create something on-trend, playful and beautiful.  The exact instructions —

“Simple, clean, and joyful. Eureka! is meant to signify a breakthrough, an epiphany or milestone.”


Designers, being the visual creatures that they are, benefit from examples. I provided a couple of icons that I found on Font Awesome: a two-toned lightning bolt and lightbulb. 

With a few iterations, my designer came up with this —


You can probably see shades of the Font Awesome lightning bolt, but more polished for this application.

It’s a sign of a good designer to take a vague starting point and to transform it into unimaginably better. 

Life After Install

Visuals are the sizzle of the steak, and can get you the install?  But, there’s more. I’ll be covering onboarding, and product marketing in future posts.

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